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"Since 1994 and with entering the new millennium Abuljadayel Beverages Inc. represented a landmark in the local and regional markets producing quality fruit juices and drinks out of best resources of the world using most advanced technologies.Since then Abuljadayel Beverages Inc. started launching its exquisite trademarks with remarkable reputations for these brands identifying them locally and internationally. When “Caesar” was launched as Abuljadayel Bevarages Inc. registered trademark the company was considered the first Saudi producer to present natural fruit juices with no preservatives,colours nor artificial additives in classy glass bottles and new Tetrapack packages some of which were introduce for the first time in the world. “Ceasar” became a local market and regional market leading brand and presented new guidelines to consumers to evaluate plenty brands available in the market after experiencing the ultimate quality of which “ Caesar” is all about as fabulous taste,variety of flavours and wide range of no sugar added flavours for those with special tastes and health derived requests as diabetics and those on diets. “Pasha” brand was introduced Abuljadayel Bevarages Inc. as natural fruit drinks produced out of high percentages of fruit concentrates matching consumer request bottled or filled in elegant Tetrapack packages using the legendary quality techniques Abuljadayel Bevarages Inc. is famous for. As the first producers in the middle east Abuljadayel Bevarages Inc. introduced “Bison” the advanced formula of energy drinks setting a new era in energy drinks especially by blending the healthy formula with fabulous fruity tastes. This blend of natural flavours and extracts used in making “Exxir” the fabulous drink presented by Abuljadayel Bevarages Inc. form a new outlook of a drink healthy and effective to help the body digesting harmful ingredients in daily foods consumtion. And it’s a new form of relief for body-watch seekers with no extra efforts but enjoyment of great taste and unique “Exxir”. Abuljadayel Beverages Inc. presented “Sinalco” international trademark in both local and regionals markets with its great tasty flavours and its classical bottles representing German fame and Saudi quality production placing “Sinalco” as a distinctive soft drink in the market "

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