What Is LABS Xpress Packages

LABS is Offering a wide range of packaged solutions with a predefined scope that fits into the customers’ industry main points and most importantly enhancing and developing the business.

LABS Xpress Packages Industries :

  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • Retail & Restaurants
  • EC&O
  • Professional Service

LABS Xpress Packages Availablity:

  • labs images Cloud

LABS Xpress Packages Employees:

  • labs images
  • SMB


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LABS Xpress Packages Payment Models

One Type Payment Model

This model is specially designed for investment-minded businesses that are willing for capital expenditures

Starting From: 10 USERS   MINIMUM $40 000 

This model is specially designed for fast growers who don't want to make upfront capital expenditures.


LABS Xpress Packages Benefits


An international solution priced Just right for you

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The package is created with the concept of a brick, you can expand to and integrate with whatever size and with whatever scope you need.