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What Is Locus IntelliSort

Automated Parcel Sorting System: AI-backed shipment sorting and rider allocation software. Which leverage a 65% Decrease in shipment processing time, a 20% Decrease in Operational Costs, and a 27% Increase in deliveries per rider.

Locus IntelliSort Industries :

  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • Retail & Restaurants

Locus IntelliSort Availablity:

  • labs images Cloud

Locus IntelliSort Employees:

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  • enterprise
  • SMB


Locus IntelliSort Payment Models

5 Years Contract

3 Years Contract

Locus IntelliSort Benefits

The most advanced shipment sorting platform


A comprehensive solution that maintains a high level of accuracy in the sorting process while significantly reducing the time taken. The complete automated parcel sorting process reduces human dependency.



Automated route allocation

Every shipment is automatically assigned to the most optimal delivery route and the rider best suited for it. The coordinates are grouped to create the most profitable routes or clusters and assigned to the right delivery agent beforehand to ensure on-time order fulfillment.

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Exact delivery destination using Locus' geocoding engine

Accurate geocoding of addresses. EVA 'Engine for validation of addresses' ensures that addresses are mapped against the corresponding route number irrespective of the quality of address, leaving no room for error.

Route printing

Routes provided by IntelliSort can be printed on the shipping label to eliminate manual dependence. This can save additional time by simplifying the look-and-pick method that is traditionally followed in shipment sorting.