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ERP Trends 2022


Here are 3 ERP trends that every Middle Eastern business needs to look out for in 2021


In today’s world, it has become more than essential to be on top of things when it comes to ERP. 

It is now crucial to have intelligent business solutions that help link all current systems together, have a single financial vision of truth, integrated operation, automation of manual tasks, and structuring the current unstructured data for proper-time decision making.

Here are 3 ERP trends that every Middle Eastern business needs to look out for in 2021

Integrating AI

It used to be that most ERP systems require additional plugins to integrate AI into their business operations. However, ERP is evolving quickly to adapt to the changing business needs and unprecedented technological advancement.

Large ERP providers such as SAP offer iERP (Intelligent ERP) which are ERP systems with built-in Artificial Intelligence features and functionalities. 

Incorporating AI with an ERP allows for intelligent data processing. This means that the ERP can understand enormous amounts of data that are imported by the company’s employees, process the data, and create analytics, reports, workflows, risk assessments, and much other beneficial information that can be pulled up very quickly with reduced errors. 

All these benefits allow for comprehensive visibility and accurate decision-making that can improve the whole organization’s productivity & efficiency. 

Cloud Acceleration

In the past, ERP was offered as on-premise solutions, with the provider offering value fees for hardware and implementation. This process was very time-consuming and expensive for most companies. 

To counter this, vendors offer cloud-hosted ERP solutions. This allows SMBs to utilize the benefits of ERP in a faster-paced manner that is needed for a business of this size, and with the least cost possible. 

Today, more and more companies are realizing the drawbacks of using on-premise ERP solutions, and so the adoption of cloud ERP is rapidly growing.

EPR Supporting Persona Marketing

Many companies are using customer personas to personalize marketing and sales activities and create heavily targeted and effective marketing campaigns, and sales activities. 

Using ERP to collect data, and create insights can help businesses maximize their sales & marketing investments, and provide trends and suggestions to upsell, and cross-sell new products that satisfy the target customer needs.


In a nutshell, businesses of all sizes in the Middle East can greatly benefit from following the latest ERP trends. Having a powerful intelligent ERP has the power to push your business forward towards the business goals.

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